Trail Report!

Dec 20th, 6pm, -5 degrees

Well twelve of us headed out last night not really knowing what to expect. We have experienced some great snow then a few days of above freezing weather afterwards then a temp drop and with an inch of fresh snow on Tuesday night.

To start, it was great that everyone avoided the trails during the thaw, that made a huge difference…no ruts.

We headed off a different way going off to the Hill Bypass, Max trail, Ridge Connector section. Only a few riders had been on this section and as of last Sunday it wasn’t very good to ride. Well last night it was awesome! So we linked in that section, did the Ridge trail…which was awesome, then a short reverse on the lollypop and to the Trail to Somewhere. End of awesomeness. No one had been on it at all so it was fresh tracks. At the front of the pack it was a really slog or more optimistically a really great work out. It was all rideable but one hill. But after twelve riders at the back of the pack…awesomeness was experienced! Then to the lollypop and stick out which was, well, awesome. So 12 riders and 18km ride of single-track, not bad for a Wednesday in December.

Did someone once say “this Fat Bike thing is just a passing fad”? Don’t think so.  Tyler II who is new this year to fat biking remarked that he never imagined winter riding to be so much fun.

So keep on riding the Fat Bike. It’s just good for you to get into the woods.