Trail Report cont.

Just got another trail report in (I’m relying on others right now as I’m away). Still a no go…the cone is up at the start to hopefully give people the idea as it seems some are still going out even thought it may not be the best idea. If you do a test ride and it’s good, feel free to move the cone off. Likewise if anyone is out and feels the trails would be damaged by riding, feel free to make the judgement call and put the cone on the trail.

Next issue…plus bikes are not fat bikes. There is clear evidence (ruts, and this has been happening more than once. Plus bike ruts are really obvious) that there has been some plus bikes out riding. This is happening when the trails are not even not good for Fat Bikes. Please don’t ride your plus bike out there unless the trails are rock solid and even then…..Fat bikes are not that expensive and who doesn’t want a new bike!

We spend hours and hours (and they are really hard work hours) during the day and sometimes at night grooming to try and provide well packed endless single track to Fat Bike and not to mention the fuel and maintenance costs for the machine. These trails are then there for enjoyment for free. The groomer crew continues to ask for your respect for the trails and the work everyone is doing.