Trail Update

Dec 26th, 2017

So I got out for a snowshoe this afternoon…we definitely have gotten some snow since last update!

Here’s where we are at. Shawna and Eric got out the other day for a snowshoe after it snowed. They did an awesome job of repacking in the “Stick” to the red arrow tree. Then it snowed a bit more! I repacked today to the red arrow tree (it was definitely easier as Shawna and Eric had the tough hike for sure!).  Upon my return to the parking lot, Tyler II was heading out and was going to try and give the stick another pack.

I think by tomorrow if the trail sets in tonight we should be able to ride that section. That gives us 4KM one way. So then the plan will be tomorrow to ride in the 4km with snowshoes in a backpack, and swap to them and snowshoe the lollypop, then ride out. We’ll see how that goes.

Other item to update. Snowmobile trails are groomed! That also means the parking lot has been cleared as well. So worse case we can get a good ride in on the Snowmobile trail. Please exercise caution if on the snowmobile trail and respect the folks on sleds out there. We have had nothing but positive experiences with the snowmobile folks out there.

See you out there!