Trail Update

I got out for a snowshoe this afternoon to check things out. It was a beautiful day in the Forest…blue sky and fresh snow! There are about 3 inches of fresh powder snow on top of the frozen (read icy) trail underneath. A couple riders where out today and you could definitely tell it was very slippery in spots. I snowshoed the Max Trail and part of the Ridge Connector, then took the short cut double track to the last 1/4 of the Lollypop to the Stick. I picked up the groomer and groomed the Stick back to the parking lot. So that’s about 8-10 km packed down. I hope by packing it it may start to stick to the ice below…we’ll see. No one had been on the beginning of the Lolly yet, it’s still fresh powder.

So one groomer is back at the beginning and the other is at the end of the Trail to nowhere by the Trail to somewhere intersection points.

It should be good to ride, just be careful in the corners and downhills! With more riding the grip should continue to get better.

Have fun! J