Trail Update

Well we definitely got some snow! Riding last night was not an option so BBBrian, Shawna, Eric, Vince, Ryan and myself had an awesome snowshoe instead! It was a beautiful night, no wind, fluffy snow and silence in the Forest. Awesome. We shoed and pulled the groomer through the “Wedsnesday” loop and covered 10km. This will provide access to the lolly and last 1/2 ridge connector and ridge trail for required grooming. The part we did will not likely be ridable until Friday-Sat after in warms up and gets cold again. The snowmobile trail was getting a fresh grooming last night so it should be awesome as well for a ride. The second groomer is 1/2 way along the lolly and the other is at the start. So grab your snowshoes, head out and enjoy the sunshine! I’ll update again tomorrow night regarding ride vs shoe.