Trail Update-guest post by Eric!

Hello everyone, I’ve been away for a bit so sorry about the lack of updates over the past week. It’s been my understanding that a tonne of work has been going on by a large number of people from different groups to keep the single track that we have been enjoying so much this winter alive. I’ve received e-mails from a number of folks that have been out with the groomers so thanks to everyone for their efforts.

The following is a “trail report” from Eric as they were out today grooming to get things ready for the drop in temps.


As we all know, we are experiencing unseasonably warm weather for the next 36 hours, please respect the trails.

Today, a group of almost ten dedicated forest volunteers groomed the trails; it would be super cool if we could stay off the trails on Monday, with temperatures expected to reach plus 10 degree’s.

Forest dwellers groomed the Stick several times in the past week, the Hill Bypass and Connector Trail were re-set today and should be in great shape after Tuesdays drop in temperature. The Lolly Pop and Ridge Trail were also groomed today, it was great to see that new riders to the forest stepped up to the plate, and pulled the TVGG for parts of the Lolly Pop. 

Hopefully, tomorrow’s warm temperatures and rain will help, the thaw should really smooth out the ruts. 

The long-range forecast is looking awesome, trails should be in great shape by Tuesday.