Trail Update Jan31st

Well lots of new snow means lots of grooming. The whole grooming team has been out over the last week trying to keep up with the fresh snow. I think we have in over 20 hours spent on the groomer in the past week. Trails got pretty beat up this weekend. Even with repeated grooming they never had a chance to set up as it was really busy out there and it’s gotten pretty torn up. We are heading out tomorrow to re-groom what we can to try and clean it up a bit.

We’ve been getting some donations to help us keep the groomer maintained and fuelled up so thank you so much to everyone that has helped out with that. You have all been very kind. We don’t receive any funding at all besides the donations to keep things going.

I think trails should finally set up a bit this week and watch temps as we have a few plus days at the end of the week. As always, avoid the trails when they are soft. We have just finally groomed out the ruts that rider put in over a month ago when they rode when it was too soft.

Have fun out there….