Trail Update Monday Jan 23

We had our grooming team (11 folks on snowshoes!) out yesterday to reset the snow on the single track.  Half the group did and out and back on the “stick” and the other half made their way to the “pop” of the lollypop. The stick is completely done and all but maybe the last 700m of the pop is done as well.

Once it drops below zero again, these trails should be again in excellent condition.  Taylor is planning on a late week grooming of the 9km TVGFBL. The loggers are still busy in there and have taken some of the trail down to dirt. Hopefully it won’t ice up too much.  We’ll see.

If you give it a go and are leaving ruts, please wait until it freezes or we will have a frozen rut trail…no fun 🙁

Enjoy your time out there!