Wednesday AM trail report

Got out for a run last night and checked into the Stick and the west portion of the lollypop.  Happy to report everything there looks great. Trails are definitely dry enough for skinnies now!  No trail damage to really speak of from any of the riding so far.  Tonight should be awesome for a ride and we will likely stick to the trails south of the main east-west fire road.

Please note that this report does not extent to Ken’s, Steve’s, Wheel Hill, Trail to nowhere…I’ll try to go for a pre-ride hike and check into those tonight.

Double track is still really soft.

A bit of damp weather on Thurs-Fri to watch out for.  I’ll get out Friday aft. for and update for the weekend.

Regarding lights…if you have one I’d bring it along. It seems like it just starts getting dark as we are on the lollypop homeward bound but most of the ride is now in daylight.

Come out and play…yeh Sunshine! See you tonight.