Wednesday Night & H2i Race

Hi all, just a note about tonight…still lots ‘o snow around. I imaging riding tonight will likely be tough depending on how the temp goes. If it stays frozen you may actually be able to ride on top of it!?  I’ll be there for 6 and am going for a hike or something. Other issue is likely the parking lot will be snowed in. If you are parking on the road be very careful. See you there! J

Second note: A few of us got out for the race this past weekend and had a blast! Everyone rode well and it was surprisingly a really fun day out there. No real damage to trails as they had a nice coating of snow on them. Dan from Substance projects was awesome and was checking in very frequently for our feedback on trail conditions. His concern for the trails even resulted in making a call the night before the race and altering the course to get the best course possible. So no worries about the trails & if after the snow goes anyone has any concerns about any issues from the race, please contact us as Dan is more than happy to pop out for some minor raking if required (I personally highly doubt it will be required at all from what I saw). You will also find some new log-overs (with go-arounds) courtesy of Dan that we can work with as he had to do some pretty heavy trail work before the race from the high winds that happened before. Thanks Dan!