Weds Ride—->>??

Well after riding two loops of the SSITT in the rain at 5 degrees, riding Sat AM with full snow cover in the forest and 1 degree and riding Monday night with awesome Chris with snow, rain & ice pellets at 0 degrees, I think my sense of humour for this and desire for riding tonight in the rain is fading. Tomorrow night seems like it should be above 10 degrees and not precipitating in some fashion so I’m going to sit by the fire tonight and ride Thursday night instead. I am going to make this a “Trans Epic training ride” (which means I’d like to do 30km or more at a steady pace) and anyone is free to join me for part or all of if it. No hammering, just riding and happy to do it as a group. I’ll likely ride all the trails out there so there will be opportunity to cut out if anyone wishes. See you all soon! J