Weds Ride report & Weekend thoughts

As we expected, trails were great last night. There were 13 of us out on Fat Bikes and put in a 22km single track ride. Trails were fast and hardpacked. We got about an inch of fresh snow overnight so that should make it even better.

Friday and the weekend is going to be tricky…daily high temps from plus 4-2 between Friday and Sunday. Not too cold overnight as well, barely below zero, except Saturday night-low of -4.

As always please respect all the hard work we have put in snowshoeing and pulling a tire around 17km of trails to groom them out to what they are. Ruts (even small ones) are easy to leave when above freezing but are very difficult to get rid of when it freezes. Our advice for the weekend would be to keep an eye on the hourly temp forecasts and ride in the morning when the temps are cooler if required. We will likely wait until Sunday for our group ride as Saturday night is the coldest. It looks like it may be a beautiful weekend!