Weds Trail Report

Smaller turn out Weds night. I had time to do a test run on the trails and was surprised to find them in great riding shape. So based on that Monica, Ryan, Taylor and myself set out on the bikes. We had a great ride! Stick was great then we picked up groomer #1 at the Red arrow tree and pull that along.  Picked up groomer #2 at the the Ridge intersection and double groomed the lollypop. Things were awesome so we doubled back on the lollypop and headed over to the Ridge Connector Trail.

Meanwhile, team van snowshoe (Brian, Shawna & Eric) set out from the parking lot on snowshoes with the ambition of making it to the Ridge and snowshoe groom the Ridge Connector.

When we connected to the Ridge connector trail they had made it that far and further. So we headed towards the ridge and pulled both groomers along and found the TVSer’s there. They then headed back the quick way and we headed backwards on the Ridge Connector in reverse pulling both groomers along back to the Stick turnoff.  Overall a great night in the woods and 85% of the trails got groomed. Just the Ridge trail left.

With warm temps and rain if everyone stays off the trails until they refreeze the trails should be in great shape! Hopefully a bit of snow on top of the hard pack, a quick groom and off we go (again!). With the changing weather and bit of snow in the forecast we decided to bring both groomers back to the start and they are at the SSITT connector on the Stick. Hopefully a great ride on the weekend!