Weds Trail Update

Dec 27th.

A bunch of us got out today…kind of a mishmash of things going on for our quest for single track! Andy got out this morning for a snowshoe and started setting the Hill Bypass, and Max Trail. Then if I had to guess Tyler II got out for a ride (?). Myself, Andy, Shawna, Eric, Joe, Mike, Brian, Bernie and Karen headed out this afternoon with special guests Sue and Mike as well! A great crowd out to enjoy the -13 degree day! Karen, Sue and Mike snowshoed the Hill Bypass section, Bernie snowshoed and utilized our new human powered “groomer” and the rest of us rode the “Stick”. Brian and Andy did an out and back on the Stick and Mike, Joe, Eric Shawna and I rode to the red arrow tree then snowshoed the “Lollypop” and then rode back on the stick. Temperature at the end, -17 degrees!

Got all that?!

So….the “Stick” is completely rideable. the lollypop?…maybe. The hill bypass, Max trail…maybe. Still need to finish snowshoeing the last bit of the “Ridge Connector” and Ridge trail (sorry, I’m done with the quotey thingamajigs).

So the ride and snowshoe plan continues. We need to finish off the ridge connector and ridge trail. That would be priority #1. It will require a ride as far as you can go then a snowshoe from there so bring them along in your backback. Then we will have it all snowshoed in. Then we need to ride it and see how it goes.

The new TVG “groomer” (ok, I used the quotey things again!). It’s a 16 inch overall diameter trailer tire. It has a rope attached to it. We are not making it heavy as the intent is not to use it to actually pack the trail more to just smooth it off. It will be out there on the trail somewhere and the idea is that if you feel like doing so, hook it up to your bike, pack, waist…whatever, and pull it around a bit where ever you are and whatever you are doing. Do as much as you like then leave it somewhere obvious so the next person can continue. It does not have to return to the parking lot or where you started from, just do what you feel like. If we all take our turn it will continue to cover all the trails we are trying to keep open. And it’s environmentally friendly!

Well I hope that was all enjoyed by everyone. With the awesome community of folks out there we can keep this going! It’s just great to have the trails open to give anyone the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the forest….we are so lucky.