600 FB$ to go!

David V, Scott O, Ben S and Michele S all chipped in today to get us within $600. So close. I missed Glen H the other day and if I’ve missed anyone else please let me know. It’s important that anyone Fat Biking out there this winter knows who to thank for the great trails.

Interesting that we have had people helping out that don’t even Fat Bike, are not in the area anymore and some who are away for the winter and will never see the Fat Bike trails they supported. So maybe if we are now at the point that everyone that is going to enjoy the Fat Bike trails has pitched in we may need to get some help from anyone who just enjoys the trails even in the summer and feels like supporting the project just because they enjoy the same trails and feel like contributing to them in some way. It’s going to be a lot of those Fat Bikers out there putting their backs into the trail, rebuilding Ken’s trail from the logging so everyone can use it in the summer. It’s been really nice to see non-Fat Bikers help out especially when we are so close to the funding goal.

We are at 60 contributors! Who can we count on for the last bit to finish this off so I can order on Monday???

I will be out of computer range on Saturday (IMBA function) so I will post next on Sunday night.