Dufferin Forest

Good morning all,

Last night I personally, along with probably 100+ others to listened to delegates with respect to the Dufferin Forest Recreation Plan.  This is a plan that has been in the works with Dufferin County, residents, and invested user groups for over 4 years.  I do want to thank the Council and everyone that was involved in the making of this plan, and the hard work and countless hours put into it.

Over the course of the proceedings last night a point that was brought up and really pushed home was enjoying an alcoholic beverage in the parking lot post ride.  Please refrain from doing so.  If you want to be social post ride, bring a different beverage, such as a recovery drink, water etc.  I respect what was said last night, and do want to enjoy the forest as much as the next person.

If you did not attend last night, there were many excellent points brought up by delegates from all user groups.  I appreciate the time and energy that is put into this, as Sue Downing said during the proceedings, use of the forest is a privilege not a right.  We as users of the forest have to understand that as well.

The forest is a place for all of us to go unwind and enjoy nature in whatever way we want, whether it be hiking, biking, horseback riding, bird watching etc.  It is there as a place of refuge for some.  The County and the Council members are doing everything they can to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for its residents and users of the forest.

At one point last night, the Warden Darren White made mention that it doesn’t appear as the user groups are getting along.  I agree with him at least at they level we were seeing at the Council meeting last night. But there has been attempts at collaboration between all the user groups.  OCTRA and the cycling community have worked together, and there was an event last year where it was a combination ride of Horseback, running and cycling.  The event was called the Triple Crown, and personally I was hoping that to be a stepping stone in different user groups to work together and appreciate the forest as one.  I think this is still achievable whether it be similar events or like what has been done in the past, prior to an  OCTRA event, going out and helping clean debris from the double tracks that are used for the equestrian events.

For anyone that wants to read the post with respect to the Triple Crown I’ve re-posted it.  The event was held in June 2016.

Triple Crown event recap, guest post by Janet!


At the end of the day we should to respect what Council requests, as they are the people that we elect to run our County.  Again, I will re-advise, please refrain from post ride beverages in the parking lots.  Enjoy them when you are home.


Have a great day everyone, and remember, go outside and enjoy the forest.