Feb 24th update

I just got back from the trails (for a hike on AT trails) and so far so good. I started at -1 and finished at +1 and trails were already starting to soften up. The FB trails are blocked off at the moment. I think an idea is to let all the responsible users decide on the open/closed based on their judgment. If you get there and they are “closed” (like tomorrow morning) but conditions are actually good (zero rutting) then open them up. If you feel it’s too soft the close them up. There are way more responsible riders than not and it is actually up to all of us to help protect the trails.
Another helpful tool. Here is a link to Mansfield’s weather report. Check the hourly temps and if you cannot be off before it hits plus 1 then don’t bother starting. Plus 7 on Sunday so I really hope people get it and do something else once its above 1 degree. First one is hourly, second is 7 day forecast.
Mansfield, Ontario Hourly Weather Forecast - The Weather Network