Feb 26th update….new trail signage

Well the trails survived the last few days….almost. Thanks so much to everyone who rode early. I think we can all agree that was so much fun!
Dufferin County has now issued signage to attempt to address the irresponsible “rut riders”. The 1/2 depression restriction is now posted by the County as well as these signs are being used to promote the “trail closed” recommendation to riders on warmer days (anything above 1 degree). Again, understand that these are County issued signs intended to support our efforts.
So it is up to all responsible riders to decide based on their experience to open or close a trail. Your “experience” is that you can have proper judgement on your 1/2 depression. If you can confidently ride within the restriction then feel free to move the trail sign off. If you are there and believe it’s too soft, put it up. It’s up to all of the responsible, caring community to monitor and preserve the trail conditions and we can all trust each other.
We will work hard to keep trail conditions updated on the TVG website.
As of right now, based on the hourly weather report, the trails are likely going to be really soft and closed all weekend based on the 1/2 depression guideline. Please respect this and we will have awesome trails next week.