Happy New Year Trail Review

Jan 1st 2018!

We had a nice combo of trail enjoyers out today. Three snowshoers, one trail runner and 5 Fat Bikers all out enjoying the day and the great trail conditions.

There has been a number of folks out working hard to keep the trails in great condition. It seems every time a trail could use a bit of touching up or repair someone has stepped up and taken it on. As a result we got to ride 16kms of single track today! Hill Bypass, Max, RC, Ridge, full lollypop and Stick. All in nice fast hard packed condition.

The snowshoe, ride, groomer combo (not necessarily in that order) has proven to be a good combo.

To everyone who is helping out (you all know who you are) thanks for keeping us on sweet single track! This has been a real community effort and it’s great to see the desire and deternimation out there.

On another topic, Mansfield Outdoor Centre has now gotten their XC ski trails groomed. The trails do cross in a number of places out there and there are a couple of times we share a very short section. On the short shared sections, please keep way over to the side of the trail and never ride in the set tracks. As skiers and bikers are both quite quiet we need to keep our heads up when crossing over the ski trails. No one wants to spook anyone or be a part of an accident. To help with this we are going to start marking anytime the single track is about to cross a ski trail. We are going to attach a strip of orange flagging tape to a tree or branch before the crossing occurs just to indicate it is coming up soon. We will be doing this over the next week or so.

So when you see the orange tape just slow down a bit and keep your head up for skiers out there enjoying the forest. Thanks!