Merry Ho Ho & trail update

We hope everyone is enjoying time with each other, family and friends.

Trails are un-groomed at the moment and are a bit of a mess to say the least after the multiple days of high winds.

There is going to be a big DCF/MOC trail clean up day Monday (Dec 26th) organized by Mansfield Outdoor Centre. We will be launching from MOC and they are supplying two snowmobiles, a tracked side by side, truck (if it can get out there) and a few chainsaws. We will be heading out to DCF and MOC and hope to be able to take care of all the big stuff down. The groomer is also going to head out to DCF & MOC in hopes that we can stay ahead of them with the clean up and we can get some groomed tracks in. It will be great to have so much equipment to help with the DCF clean up as it would take us much longer without it. We can cover a lot of ground fast with the use of the snowmobiles and side-by-side.

A few others are joining in on foot/snowshoes to help with the small stuff. We have over 35km of single track to get cleaned up and re-groomed. If you wish to help and go for a hike tomorrow, we are meeting up at MOC at 9am to get set up and hopefully heading out by 9:30-10:00. They will have the fire on in the lodge and coffee will be on as well. Likely no riding until we get this cleaned up. It may be possible to Fat Bike ride the MOC XC ski trails to get further out on trails, then hike a section from there. So bring your Fat Bike if you wish to give this ride and hike option a go. Hopefully with all the equipment from MOC we can cover a lot of ground quickly. It will be a continuous clean up for a while to get all the small debris cleaned up and hopefully everyone will help out while enjoying the trails.

We are hoping that by day end tomorrow we have some trails groomed and they will need the night to set up so likely no riding Monday. Then some crazy warm weather which will force us to stay off the trails again. We just hope to get it groomed before the warm temps so we get to keep some of the snow and it should freeze up well (if people don’t ride when soft!) when it gets cold again. The challenges of Fat Bike trail grooming!

So stay tuned and we will update as we make progress. Thanks to everyone who has already been out cleaning up and thanks in advance to those helping moving forward. We’ll get this done!