Monday Night Ride & Trail Report

Chris and I headed out for a ride tonight. More importantly, one of our groomer crew headed out today and pulled off the full 18km in one go so everything was freshly groomed. The trails where just starting to get narrower and dishing out and needed freshening up. They got that for sure. The groomer (both the machine and the person!) did an incredible job. The trails where amazing. It was just below zero when we headed out and the trails were firming up. We where having so much fun that we just kept riding.

Again someone proved that skinny bikes are not fat bikes. At least they turned around after riding 4km of freshly groomed trail so I’ll give them credit for that. And in all fairness it did start out ok for them and just seemed to get worse. But still, everywhere else advocates for a minimum tire size of 3.8 on Fat bike trails.

So be careful tomorrow as it’s going above zero but after that it’s below zero so if you want to Fat Bike some awesome single track, hit the trails and enjoy.

Freshly groomed trail… 🙂

Not Fat Bike Tracks… 🙁