Weds Night Ride Report

So on Monday, Chris and I had likely one of the best Fat Bike rides ever. Beautifully groomed single track, perfect conditions, moonlight casting shadows in the Forest, super fast trails…best ride ever.

Hmm, so what happens when you have a ride that is better than the “best ride ever”? Well tonight I guess we had the Uber Best Ride Ever!

Harder packed trails, even more perfect conditions, bigger moon and faster! 100% single track. Crazy. It was so good.

If you can get a ride in before the snow starts to accumulate I recommend getting out. We will be grooming the new snowfall on Friday so hopefully it will set up well for the weekend.

Just a reminder that if you want somewhere warm to start and finish your ride and want more trails to ride Mansfield Outdoor Centre is open on a permanent basis if they are open for skiing. Just check their website and if skiing is open, so is Fat Biking for only $15 incl tax. Give it a try one weekend with your group…the Chilli is always awesome!