Saturday Trail Update

Karen and I just got back from Dufferin.  Right now I’d say the trails are not Fat Bikeable (new word for the day!). We got a bit of snow last night so we snowshoed the Stick to the red arrow tree and back pulling the groomer both ways. By tomorrow that should be rideable. Ed and Kathy had also headed out on snowshoes on the SSITT connector to the Hill Trail bypass section. We didn’t see them so I’m not sure how far they were going.

At the moment it would be best not to ride the trails as it will just rut them up until it sets in. I would think that if no-one rides them today they should be great shape tomorrow. So if you want to get out for a day in the woods, snowshoeing and pulling the groomer out and back on the Hill trail section would be awesome!

That leads us to Sunday. We will be getting out (I’ll post the ride time later) and it will likely be a ride/snowshoe groom day. So bring everything! I can see us riding with snowshoes packed and having a duathlon day.

The groomer is at the SSITT connector turn off from the stick at the start of the trails.

Have fun out there! It is absolutely beautiful in the forest.