Dufferin Forest – Trail Report

To continue a tradition that is longer than the word tradition has been used, the Wednesday Night Ride was out with a good group last night, with 11 fat bikers in total!  The bitter cold, blowing gusting wind, pelted in the face by snow the entire time, being chased by a pack of wolves, did not detour anyone.  Well to be honest it was a beautiful night, -8 degrees, a little bit of a breeze in the parking lot, and nice packed snow on the trails.


There has been a huge effort by many people to ride, snowshoe, and pack down the single track to keep it rideable.  So first off a huge thank you to those people.  Secondly, it was amazing to see so many fat bike tire marks in the parking lot, the more folks riding the loop the better to keep it firm and rideable for all.  Thirdly, is a really odd word, secondly I can understand but thirdly just doesn’t have the same ring, and don’t get me started on Fourthly….


I took a couple photos, which are below of the trail, and to be honest with you the whole loop we rode is like this.

So our loop consisted of the following:

Ridge connector trail

Ridge trail

Full Lollipop

Half Lollipop



This loop totaled us with 16km of pure singletrack heaven.  For anyone who wants a quick direction, hit the contact us button, shoot us an email, and I can pass along the gps loop from Garmin.


Throughout the ride, you would hear, laughter, bell’s being rung, the odd “Umpf” from someone who decided it was a perfect location for an Impact Angel.  For anyone who doesn’t know what an Impact Angel is, if Webster’s dictionary were to define it, it is when a rider unwillingly departs from their bike and lands off the trail in the snow.


The way the trail’s were last night though there were not a lot of impact angels to be had, still some, but not a lot.


Overall the trails in Dufferin are in perfect condition!  So if you want to venture out, now is the perfect time to hit the trails.  We are due for 5-10cm of snow, which if people are riding in the forest during the snow, it will pack the trails in even better.


Have a great day and enjoy the forest.