Three Stages Trail Meeting

Good day everyone. Our good friends in the Collingwood area are having a meeting on Monday with Ontario Parks to discuss the trails at Three Stages.

If you have never ridden there you should try it out someday as they are some of the best trails in the area with a great combination of technical (read rocky!) and flowier (is that a word??) trails. Some awesome climbs which means awesome descents and great views as well. Finish the day in Collingwood at one of many fine establishments for post-ride snacks and refreshments and you can’t help but have a great day!

Anyway, Ontario Parks is looking for input from the public and is holding a meeting Monday night in Nottawa. If you can attend to show your support that would be great. We where meant to R.S.V.P. by May 3rd (oops) but hopefully we could still do that today and still be received. Attached is the notice that was posted (thanks Bernie). I believe Bernie has posted this on the Facebook page as well (I’m not on Facebook so I can’t view or contribute to the contents of that site, so I though I should post it here as well for us non-“Bookers”.)

Have a great day everyone, Johnny

Double click on the notice and it should expand for easier reading!