Waivers, Insurance and other stuff

Happy Spring! With spring brings the annual requirement for waiver completion for the year as our insurance policy payment is now due. Same routine as previous years. As we require insurance, our insurance company requires everyone that comes on group rides or participates in trail work to complete a waiver. If you are a member of TVG then you only need to do this once annually. How to become a member hasn’t changed…still no mandatory fee prescribed, just what you feel like. We get donations from $5 and up and we appreciate every one of them!

2017 was a very busy year, lots of trail maintenance to clean up after logging, a couple trail reroutes and some new equipment acquired to help us all out cleaning up out there. The addition of our winter “groomers” (as well as a heap of work from everyone out there) helped us keep 14km of single track in great shape for winter fat biking. Overall 2017 was a great year and your donations help this along every step of the way and we thank everyone for that.

2018…We are off to a great start. Trails are in amazing shape, some clean up required but nothing too serious. We already have our land use agreement in place for the neighboring “Toss Tract” in Simcoe County and it’s a good thing as it had some pretty serious logging go on last fall.  This will require a bit of effort to clean up so we will likely arrange something in the near future. Good news if that we may not see much logging in Dufferin this year. The last few years kept us quite busy keeping up with trail work afterwards but I must commend the logging companies and our County Forest Manager as going out on site visits with them before they started and marking the trail proved to be very beneficial.

Lots of fun stuff on the go for 2018, stay tuned!

We have already been receiving donations even before they were required so thank you to everyone who has already helped out. If you would like to contribute use the “Donate” icon to the right. The link to the waiver is below (please read thoroughly and sign, initial and witness in appropriate spots). You can give them to either Tyler or Johnny.

2018 should be great! See you on the trails and enjoy your time in the woods.