Trail condition update…more trails leaf blown!

So last Friday, Doug, Karen, Nicola and I leaf blew all of Mansfield Outdoor Centre trails. Then the other day Brian, Wayne and Glen contacted me about wanting to do Dufferin Trails now vs in the Spring. The thought was that for some reason this Fall the leaves have been as slippery as ice. Lot’s of folks slipping out when normally they shouldn’t be. Their logic was sound…I’ve never experienced it being this slippery in the Fall before. So Roy and I joined them on Wednesday and leaf blew 3/4 of DCF trails. Basically the winter Fat Bike trails.

So now combining MOC and DCF gives 30+ km’s of buff, shredable (is that a word??) leaf free trails! So yup, the weather is turning but still some great opportunity’s to get out and enjoy awesome trail conditions. Remember, DCF/MOC rides awesome when trails are wet.

Thanks to all the crew that volunteered their time too make this an awesome fall at DCF & MOC.

We are now also set up for our winter grooming which will yield over 30km’s of groomed Fat Bike single track (yup, all single track, not double track) when combining MOC and DCF Fat Bike trails. That’s going to be so awesome!

See you out there.