Trail info…face smackers!

We have all been getting out a fair bit now and the trails are in great shape. This has been a crazy spring. Cold and wet for the longest time then warm and rain every few days. This has made for some great trail conditions. It has also made great vegetation growing conditions. The trails are closing in and there are lots of places where the “face smackers” are starting. So it’s time for the spring pruning. We are ok to clear growth back from the trail to increase visibility both on the Cycling trails and to open up the intersections at the equestrian trails a lot for better visibility. I’ve consulted and some good pruning is actually a good thing for the Forest. As we are not able to do any group work, it’s time for individuals to take a bit on at a time. The wheel hill has already been done by an avid TVG’er and is awesome! Feel free to take a pair of pruners or loppers out on one of your rides and do a section. Again, there is no issue with opening things up in the corners a lot to create better sight lines. Don’t be conservative. It is ironic, but the more you cut back, the more that it grows.

If you need a set of loppers, I have purchased a few of these beauties. They are super light and can cut everything from a tiny branch to a 1.25 inch sapling. They are only 15″ long so the fit perfectly in a hydration pack. Amazing! If you wish to borrow a TVG set, let me know. If you want your own, they are available at Home Hardware and are $28. They are awesome.

So off we go, time to do some “trailscaping”. Have fun out there, take care at the intersections as our Equestrian friends are out there enjoying the trails as well.