Hello all!

Hey everyone. Well it’s really great to be back. It’s not likely news to anyone that DCF has reopened a week and a bit ago. As Covid-19 is still very much in the present we will not be posting any group rides for a bit for obvious reasons. If you wish to have a riding partner best to contact each other and arrange yourselves accordingly. When out in DCF please continue to follow the most up to date C-19 guidelines.

The trails are in great shape. We got out in small groups over various days and times and collectively put in over 50 hours into the clean up. One day was two of us for around 3 hours to work on the big oak on the Lolli that came down last fall. Then three of us spend 4 hours leaf blowing the “south section” and cleaning up another big mess of a downed oak on the Lolli. Finally a group of 5 of us got out and spent over 6 hours again chainsawing on the rest of the network and with 4 determined leaf blowers, cleaned up the remaining entire network in one 6 hour plus effort. Whew! Then the best thing happened…after everything was completely cleared it rained. Then it got ridden…then it rained again. Repeat. So now even the trails that were build last year and the Ken’s rebuild last fall are all set in perfectly. Beautiful ribbons of trail through the lush green forest. Awesome.


A huge thank you to those who got out to help out as we could not do a big “clean up day” due to Covid-19 regulations.

There are also new signs going up at every intersection to indicate a trail crossing ahead. They are fairly discrete yellow signs so please keep and eye out for then and exercise caution at trail intersections. As cyclists we are to yield to every other user group that uses the Forest. Please remember that there is often others out there on other trails and they deserve our complete respect. I’m going to yet again advise everyone that rides in DCF have a bell and use it to notify others as you cross trails that may not have the best visibility. Its simple and very effective.

So there is your update…please remember those pesky waivers and we have now paid our 2020-2021 insurance premiums which allow us to exist. Any contribution of  any amount goes a long way with helping us fund all of what we do.

So please enjoy, stay safe, respect the regulations and we’ll see each other out in the woods. Cheers!