Trail Report

Time to start this again. The snow looks like it is going to be staying in Dufferin Forest awhile so it’s fat bike season! (at least for now). A group of us (15 or so) got out on the weekend and started “grooming”. This is basically snowshoeing while pulling the “groomer” (a trailer tire) behind you. We got 8km’s out of the normal 14km that we try and keep open all winter.

We rode last night and the conditions where awesome! Lots of traction and you can still ride all the trails with a Fat Bike. The difference was very noticeable from the groomed trails to the ones that where just ridden on. They were wider with no tire trough and less icy so our efforts were definitely worth it. The groomed trails you could ride like single track, lots of fun speed and corners to rail through.

Wednesday night should be great and hopefully next day above zero we can get the rest groomed. Still 2/3rds of the lolly, part of the ridge connector and ridge to go. There is a groomer left at the red arrow tree so anyone could ride to it packing their snowshoes, switch to shoes, groom a bit and return to the bike for a ride out.

We had lots of folks helping out last year and it was the best Fat Bike year I’ve experienced out there. So nice to be able to continue riding real single track trails all winter while still having the more “open trails” (snowmobile groomed trails) as an option. So thanks to everyone who pulled the groomer!