Trans-Sylvania Epic cont. May 23rd-27th 2019

So I’m seriously considering going down for the 5 day stage race. It’s a race that I’ve long aspired to do and it was cancelled last year so I hoping this year I’ll go. My thoughts are that I may wait until Dec 1st to register and then pay a deposit of $400 and pay the rest in the spring. This is just in case something happens and I can’t make it.

So I’m going to chat it up a bit more here. I’ll be honest…going to these events is not just about the ride to me. It’s more about sharing the experiences with friends and enjoying other things in the area (like brew pubs! there are a bunch) while riding some new epic trails. It’s always been that way for me, BC bike Race, N.L. by Fat Bike, Epic 8’s (even the one I did solo I still rode with awesome friends)…they have all been about the amazing people I shared this with and the fantastic memories that last way after the event is over. I wouldn’t trade those times for anything.

For the sake of interest:

-Trans-Epic Dec 1st $799 (US$). 5 days of racing-average 50km day. Camping and dinner and TEpic race jersey included. Nice part, capped at 200 people. To compare…Crank the Shield, 3 day $739 (plus tax)—BC bike race, 7 day $2500 (+tx), Muskoka Ironman, 1 day $250(+tx).

-Each day starts and ends at basecamp-no shuffling around.

-There is also a 3 day event as well as a 3 & 5 day “non-race”. Same course just no hurry or timing.

-Trails in Penn State are normally really fun riding.

-Brew pubs–at least 5 in the area plus a Mexican restaurant (Mmm-Margarita’s!)

-Don’t want to race but feel like a mini biking road trip! No problem-6-7 hour drive (cool van trip, just saying!) & camping available at basecamp for “support crew”. There are lots of trails to ride right in the area that will not interfere with the race and the town of State College is close by. Looks like an awesome town with Penn. State University there. We have always found College towns to be the most fun and interesting.

So what I’m doing here is trying to see who may be interested in coming down for the race or just to ride for 3-4 days as a holiday. Not a full commitment, just to see if there is interest. I’ll be honest, I just really like hanging out with my friends and family at these things and would find it lonely on my own so I’m trying to be convincing so I have some company!

Please contact me and let me know if there is any semi-serious interest in attending this in the Spring.  Event details at :

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,  Johnny