Trail Update

We got out last night to DCF to have look at the trails. The trails actually didn’t look that bad..but they were soft. We quickly avoided all the groomed single track. So we headed off on an “adventure ride”. The awesome thing about DCF is that there are still km’s & km’s of other trails, fire roads to explore. The “other stuff” was awesome. Due to a combo of other sections the groomer had been on as an experiment, rogue ATV’s, trucks & snowmobiles we found plenty to have fun on. We ended up way back in Simcoe. Still lots of snow in the Forest so feel free to head up this weekend and explore. Ken’s Trail may even be ridable which is ok as we do not groom that one. If everyone (including FBers) avoids the groomed trails we will be in awesome shape for next week. Thanks & have fun!