Trail update

I got out today to check things out. Still lots of snow in the Forest but the trails are getting down to ice and soft snow. There is a mix of snow and rain on the way so it should be interesting.

So no biking this weekend (maybe Sunday aft if things get colder than expected, but likely still on other trail not the groomed single track).

I actually got a 15km ride in on other trails completely avoiding the groomed single track.

I met some folks out today making some respectable choices of where to ride. So nice to see. Then there was this one…

Carved up the entire Max Extension. Great…so I had to go and get the groomer and flatten out the ruts so they would not freeze in like that. What a mess one bike can make. Ugh.

I also then groomed another 10-15km’s of other trails that can be used for Hiking, Dog walking, XC Skiing and Fat Biking. They should harden up quite nicely when then temps drop.

The trails should be awesome next week as there is a bit of fresh snow and colder temps coming up!