Trail Update Feb 18.

I was out last night after the groomer crew for a snowshoe. First of all I want to thank the Fat Biker that headed out, got maybe 100m then turned back based on conditions. That’s so awesome and such a great example of consideration. Cheers to you!
The groomer crew is heading out again today and then again tomorrow as we got way more snow (and more tonight) than I thought and it’s still really soft and needs some more groomer passes.
Re the plus bike thing. Please don’t think that I don’t believe there are times when a plus bike can pull off a ride.  We are trying to pack in at least a foot of snow from the past week. We have seen that for plus bikes we need that “above freezing-groom-below freezing” cycle which we have not gotten for a while. That is expected next week so who knows. There are some awesome plus bikers that actually check in with us before they try and many others that we know that show real discipline in not heading out even though they are itching for a ride. A lot of the time they stick to the AT trails as the hills are not as steep and they do not need to get off and walk (again, that’s a sign to stop riding for everyone).
We are going to have over 12 hours on the groomer in three days and multiple tanks of fuel. The groomer is feeling the work load and is requiring it’s second round (this year) of maintenance today before it can head out again.
Here’s a pic from last night showing how much snow we are trying to pack in….yikes!!!