Trail Update Feb 17th

At least 4-6″ of fresh powder snow on the trails. And the trails got pretty beat up on the weekend. And more snow coming.
We are out grooming at the moment and more snow Thursday. We need to clarify something…just because we have just groomed that does not mean it’s good for skinnies or plus bikes…or Fat Bikes too soon (or with too high of tire pressure 3-6psi max). It’s the worst time to ride a skinny or plus bike. The trails will be way too soft and need to set in. At this point, with the amount of snow we have it will be unlikely that it will be recommended that skinnies or plus bikes even try. If you head out and cannot climb the first few hills you come to, please turn around. The ride will not get better and you are not helping the groomer crew out. Also realize that if you are leaving more than a 1/2 groove then you are riding then you are breaking the County By-law. When the trails are good we can climb every hill out there. As soon as you are walking you are not helping. We continue to see damage being done by non-Fat Bikes and Fat Bikes as well at times. Over 4 hours to groom each time. Most groomed trail areas mandate 3.8″ tires or wider. We hope to leave it to common sense and responsible users.
Anyway. I’ll report on conditions on Friday regarding weekend riding.