Trail Update Feb 5

More snow???!!!!

We spend 4 hours grooming AT 1&2 plus single track Thursday aft and night, packing in the trails, getting rid of skinny ruts (almost). Then it snowed another 3-4 inches!!! What!!  So we groomed again this aft/evening (yup, grooming into the dark!)and redid everything. 8 hours of grooming in two days.

Cold tonight so it should be not bad tomorrow.

Please no skinnies and plus is going to be pushing your luck with the 4 inches of new snow (again).

Skinnies rutting up trails….this has been a real problem this year. If you see someone on any size tire rutting up the trails please politely say something. If nothing else let them know that the Dufferin County Bylaw states that if you are leaving more than a 1/2 depression in the trail you must stop riding. This goes for all users, any size tire, even Fat Bikes. It does not specify time of year or trail surface…it’s for all the time. It’s a County Bylaw, not anyone’s thoughts or opinion but a Bylaw.  21.a in the attached Bylaw.

Protect the trails were ever you are. We all need to do this.

Have fun out there!