TVG, MOC, DCF meeting recap and presentation slides

We had a really great turn out on Saturday. There was some great discussion and ideas put forward and I think some clarification on a few issues. Thanks to Brian for preparing the presentation slides and to all the people who had input to add in.

I’ve included the slides from the day which includes some of the questions asked and the responses to them.

Moving forward, hopefully everyone will feel comfortable knowing that they can ask me about anything at anytime regarding anything DCF, TVG & MOC. If you couldn’t make the meeting and would like more clarification on anything or have a different question to ask or ever have questions or suggestions in the future,  please contact me anytime through the “Contact” tab (just send me your phone number and I will call or sit down in person with you…better than e-mails in my opinion) or at MOC. I will be happy to sit down and further any discussions on how to best move forward and form a cohesive Cycling Community.

Thank you as always to all the people who have supported all the efforts in DCF over the years.

Issues with slide upload…I’ll keep trying 🙂