Wednesday Night Ride – New Format

Well folks, over the years Team Van Go has grown to some fantastic numbers.  With the larger groups our rides have been getting bigger and bigger, and the thought is that we split the ride into a couple smaller groups.

With the smaller groups, it will keep the rides moving, and allow for more time to try different obstacles etc.

The rides will be social still, with the groups ending at the parking lot at the same time for the sociables afterwards.

This is a feeling out process to see what will work.

Ideally the plan is to have everyone continue to grow and become stronger riders.

Both groups would leave at 6pm from the parking lot and the ride would last 1.5 hours or so including stops.

There will always be a ride that is encompassing of everyone’s abilities and levels of riding.

The first group would be more likely to ride a bit more (16-20km)

The second group would be a little shorter.  (14-15km)

Let us know your thoughts as we are completely inclusive and a group for everyone, all levels of riders and abilities.