Weds Ride/Trail Update

I was away for a bit so I apologize for the lack of updates lately. As winter keeps playing havoc with us there have been lots of people out to try and stay on top of the trails. I did get out for a snowshoe/groom on Monday afternoon to check things out. First, careful in the parking lot…it is a sheet of ice. I didn’t venture down the stick or ridge connector sections of trails. The beginning of the stick was ice. I headed to Ken’s/Steve’s and snowshoed and groomed a section where there was a lone hiker…thought it would be good to get rid of the post holes. I stopped grooming where the hiker left the trail as it looked like it may be possible to ride the remainder of the trail (it’s at least worth a go) and I think grooming it would of just encouraged ice. So I just broke different trail and groomed random trails we don’t normally use and linked it in to almost the ridge connector trail. A snowmobile had been adventuring around the forest which once frozen may be a good option for some riding. The snowmobile trail will be completely rideable. I’m going to let the week pass, get out for some rides and I’ll update for the weekend. 

So Weds ride is on. There are definitely lots of options out there to get in a good ride. See you tonight!

Also I have both groomers with me for “maintenance” (melt the ice in them and reseal and reseat the tire to the rim). They both should be back tonight at the Stick/Ridge Connector intersection.