Bike donation request

A bit of backstory…For the past number of years K & I head to Antigua, rent a car and a little house in a village and adventure around. In those adventures, we found the only microbrewery on the Island (surprise). The crew there has started to create a bike scene there from the ground up. They have started building trails (and fun ones) and are trying to start a MTBing community. They have welcomed us in like family and include us in their weekly rides when we are there.

Issue…no bikes available or tough for locals to $$. This obviously makes it hard to build a local biking community. So, last year I built up an old full suspension bike, rounded up a spare helmet, shoes, gloves and flew it down with us to leave behind and donate it to the community. Anyone who needs a bike there (or visiting) is welcome to ride it and get into our great sport.

I’d really like to take one down this year but I don’t have another one in my stall.  So I’m putting it out there to anyone who may want to help and donate an old bike (or parts or a partial bike and I can cobble it together. Or in any other way). Not to sound picky, but as the riding there is real and the trails they are building are rocky, technical and fast, there needs to be a mid-level of quality (a CCM or Huffy would explode on these trails!).

If anyone is ever to visit Antigua and you wish to get “hooked up” let me know and I can send you in the right direction. They are doing great things there.

Thanks everyone for listening to the story.  Contact me how you wish or use the “CONTACT” tab on this site.

Truck shuttle up.


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